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About PM Council, Inc.

PM Council thrives to provide the best service to our clients. It is our goal to offer high quality services with our experience in PM consulting, project management training, and professional development. 

Our employees at PM Council are experienced professionals. We offer over 22 years of project management experience. With our expertise, unparalleled customer service, we provide excellent services to our clients. Here at PM Council, our clients are pleased with what we do. 

We value our clients. We work hard for our clients to generate lasting value for them. Our goal is to meet our client’s needs to help them succeed! 

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We provide unparalleled project management, consulting, training and professional development to our clients that generate lasting value. PM Council promises to deliver professionalism & quality services to all of our clients.


PM Council will work closely with our clients to meet their demands. We demonstrate core values in all we do in order to provide excellent & professional services to our clients. PM Council offers compassion for others, effective communication, openness and honesty when building relationships with our clients.

We are very passionate about what we do. We are determined to excel, exude a positive attitude, & we are excited about what we do. We take initiative, pursue growth and learning, challenge and stretch ourselves so that we are able to develop.

PM Council offers outstanding performance. We deliver as promise, drive results, and are innovative. Here at PM Council we believe that performance is an important key component in any business. Therefore, we focus on our customers, to exceed expectations while generating value and inspiring others.


PM Council was founded with the inspiration to help others become successful in the areas of project management and professional development. 

PM Council has over 22 years of professional experience. The employees of PM Council have the background, skills, expertise and credentials to offer excellent project management services. With our extensive knowledge base and diversity, PM Council is prepared to meet the project management and professional development needs of organizations and individuals.